This guide is to give you a briefly orientation about the  artworks and to inform about the quality of every printed work, details of your acquisitions and every support you can have from our studio.

All artwork before leaving our studio is restrictedly checked and carefully packed and all large works are insured until it arrives to you. 

For you to keep your artwork with satisfaction for a lifetime it is important to take notice on restricted conservation details to follow bellow.


(updating details) please contact us if you need urgent enquires.


Prints are all made with the highest standard quality of photographic paper 100% cotton with pearl base and each of them are individually supervised by us. Works shot on film are all  printed in a darkroom by the artist herself*  

The artist signs every work and adds edition numbers in the front side. 

Details of the work is also written on the back side of the paper and for large and medium sizes a sticker will be provided to guarantee its originality 



Not every print is sold on a frame or is mounted on Diasec. If you acquire an unframed print you will receive instructions on framing and glass for you to choose the best for the work. Special gloves are also provided for you to wear when opening the prints so we make sure to avoid finger prints marks on the paper.

It is extremely important to be aware that every work on paper including photography hates the heating, sun light and humid places. For this reason you must be careful and avoid keeping those artwork in contact with all those elements. For all the larger and heavy framed works, when installing or uninstalling them from the wall,  it is important to have soft material on the floor, as foam sheets  or fabrics  to avoid hurting the corners. 

In our studio we understand that accidents may happen and we know that an artist wouldn't be able to keep the full time practices without their collectors. If you have any issue with an edition print  after the returning policy time of 7 days  we are happy to guarantee and safe you with replacements. There will be charges of new printing services costs and shipping and we will need proofs of damaged work plus their return to our studio. Please contact for assistance.  



Some of the works are unique and might be  mixed with other mediums and only one is created.

Some commissioned works, made to meet our collectors requests  are also unique and only one artwork is produced.

Majority of artworks are limited edition prints or object design*  and since 2019 all multiple creations have all the same  edition numbers and are available in different sizes. 

Large Editions

Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Medium Editions

Edition of 20 

Small Editions

Edition of 50 


Selected artworks are available to purchase direct from our shop at The Bubble Square Studio.

Other works are exclusively available by representing partner galleries, so please send us an enquiry and we will be happy to help you.

The Bubble Square

Thanks for taking attention on  those informations. 

Please keep in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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