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Little Homage to Photography


A Little Homage to Photography

2022 Goldsmiths University London

Collection of 12 + 1 / 8 x 10 handmade Wet Plates Collodion

A Little Homage to Photography

A Little Homage to Photography is a playful essay + project exploring the journey and genres of photography and its transformations throughout the years. 

Since photography was first introduced in 1839, we have observed fast evolving changes from heavy large format cameras to digital mobile and computational generated images. Multiple styles and several movements have helped shape an idea of the past and have created important roles in many social achievements in history. Today, in our networking society, image makers are still impacting on the idea of our generations and the world in which we belong.


Inspired by the work and life of some female and non-binary pioneer photographers*, these images are a combination of different techniques, with the artist creating analog and digital images, from different locations, and so merging this vast archive together with the use of photomontage for the final composition. Influenced by and passionate about the surrealists, an imaginative figure is created to represent these photographers in a fantasy way; they were all self-portrayed in the studio. 


All the images were re-shot with a 8 x 10 camera. The mirrored effect remains visible in some of these wet plate collodion prints and also generates some interesting imperfection effects on the surface; it brings us back to one of the oldest processes invented more than a  hundred years ago, when photography was just beginning. 

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