Juli Manara is a Brazilian London-based contemporary artist working mostly with photographs, montage-collages, videos and installations. Her practices explore our existence as humans and focuses on different aspects of our contemporary culture, from humorous and beauty creations to more serious as social and environmental issues. Inspired  by old masters (as the Renaissance painters Bruegel and Bosch, some traditional Japanese art plus movements as Bauhaus and the Surrealists) the artist translates her ideas and narratives of human behaviours into a fictional imaginative style. Figures and characters dressed on designed figurines (created in her studio and sometimes are simple as reused cardboard masks and papers and mostly self-portraits)  represent humanity and are allocated in compositions that varies between the beautiful and the mysterious.

Juli's main tools are a collection of different photographic camera formats as she enjoys combining digital and analogue and to play with multiple possibilities to work with this medium at these days. While some photographs are printed using old processes, other photographs are a fusion with drawings and illustrations and she builds composites of multiple photographs captured by herself wherever she goes or in the studio, and later she transforms all in one single image

She has been based in London since 2010 and her work has been exhibited internationally and is part of private and corporate collections.

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